Jane Anne

Just wanted to let you know that Charlie is a delight; we love him dearly and he has acclimated well. He’s learning all the basics and has had very few accidents in the house. He is sound asleep beneath my desk right now. He has already been on 5 plane rides! He is now enjoying our gorgeous fall weather in Northwest arizona Many thanks again, Brandy

Cruz and Anna

After deciding to get another dog after losing my Chesapeake I turned to Dream Teacups Home through a friend for a replacement. After contacting them and getting to talk with one of their old buyers, I went up to visit them the next day. As I arrived their farm I was impressed to how neat and clean this farm was. Mrs. Susan invited me into their cellar where the puppies and children were playing. It was an easy pick when I saw Reese. He looked healthy, clean, well cared for and happy. He is 4 months old now almost house-broken, loves to retrieve. He is a very smart puppy. Thank you to Dream Teacups Home and Mr. and Mrs. Roberts for recommending Dream Teacups Home to me also

Tim and Emilia

This is my second time getting a puppy from Dream Teacups Home. Great experience first time with my healthy Italian greyhound puppy that was stollen months back and second time same thing with my cute Luna brandy (original name Wilson) totally recommend this place for any puppy u have in mind!! Healthy smart sweet and great family oriented puppies …I love my boy he is my world thanks to Y & P. I will recommend them for a lifetime.

Maria T

I purchased my Yorkie pup from Y & P Home on March 25th. She was 9 weeks old and her mother was a purebred and father was a wonderful purebred as well. She is a full bred Yorkshire Teacup, The coating very special and the ears are so sweet. I’ve now had her for weeks and she is perfect! She is healthy, playful, very affectionate, always voids when taken out.

Larry Smith

Hector came to me from we love yorkie puppies They helped me find just the right puppy at just the right time for an affordable price. I had looked and looked for the right puppy but refused to pay what some breeders were asking. Hector is so smart, very lovable, and the most adorable puppy I have ever seen! Everyone loves her. Thanks

David Chase

We were extremely scared in the beginning when we decided to adopt a yorkie puppy, we had lots of concerns regarding shipping, the health of the puppy upon arrival and the reliability of shipping in general, we love yorkie pup was very helpful with answers to all our questions, but I was not still sure about the whole deal , hence it took some convincing from my partner to allow us proceed with the arrangements. So you can imagine how amazed I was to finally get a healthy puppy, she is the best thing that has happened to my kids so far this year, and its thanks to you. She still has a lot of training to do but she is a fast learner and I trust that with the love and patience my family is showing her, she will be the alright pretty soon. Thanks again for everything.

Kira chan

Just wanted to let you know that we are enjoying Tanner . He is almost 9 months old now, and is absolutely adorable. We enjoy taking him to the dog park where he loves to run and play with other dogs.

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