A Bichon Frise-Yorkshire terrier is an adorable cross. This mix will combine the physical and temperamental attributes of the bichon and the Yorkie. The Yorkie has long, straight, silky hair. The Bichon has long wavy, thick hair. Typically, the Yorkie is kept in a short puppy cut, or long, flowing tresses, while the Bichon wears a short puppy cut or a fluffy, blown-out style that is somewhat reminiscent of an afro. The mix of these two breeds can result in a range of sizes, from Bichon size to Yorkie size, and in a range of colors and hair types. In any case, expect a lively, friendly, smart dog that can have a bit of a stubborn streak.


Crate train your Bichon-Yorkie for best results. Puppies that are trained to use papers or pee-wee pads indoors often have a difficult time transitioning to going outside to potty. Wire crates or puppy pens are better than plastic airline crates for house training because they provide good airflow and allow the pup to see what is going on around it.

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